Surviving Love

Nirat watched the setting sun as

 he sat alone at the park  

suppressing so many different

memories from his past, which, in

his opinion, were the only best

memories he had. Laughter

resonated along the park and he

looked at the bunch of kids playing,

not too far ago with a smile. It was

nice to be devoid of any worry and

just spend time and lead life as we


Out of nowhere, he felt her

presence, long before she came to

his side. She was like spring, making

the atmosphere around her more

lively by each passing second.

Two tiny, soft hands slid onto his

eyes from behind, successfully

covering them. He broke into a huge

smile and held her hands resting on

his eyes and spoke with joy evident

in his voice, “I knew you would


Of course she would come, after all,

the road to this day hadn’t been that

easy and they had evolved out into

the present together.



A year ago

“It’s my pleasure. I am really glad

that I could be of some help to you.

Don’t hesitate to call again”, Harsha

spoke into the receiver with the

same enthusiasm as ever, even

though it was the crack of dawn

and half the world was still engulfed

by the sleep monster. It was her

usual morning shift at the part time

job that she had taken up in the

Crisis Hotline’ and she still had a

long, weary day staring ahead of

her. She didn’t mind the early

morning and the late night shifts for

which she used to work here. In

fact, it was the only good thing in

her life. What she did mind was the

job of personal assistant that she

had taken up in one of the India’s

leading AR Industries. Arun and

Nirat Singh Raizada- the dynamic

Father and Son duo as everyone

called them, were known for their

bonding’. Only, she knew it

otherwise. Being the secretary to

Arun, or otherwise known as the

CEO has its own advantage and

disadvantage. To start with, only she

knew that the so called bond’

between the father and the son

wasn’t as great as everyone thought

it was. There was shouting and

screaming almost every day

happening between the two within

the confines of the cabin. If the

Father never regarded her presence,

the son barely noticed her. In an

odd way, it meant they had some

blind trust on her to not open her

mouth and she did the same.

In her opinion, Nirat had the most

strong and commanding personality

but he was in the clutches of his

father who didn’t seem to care

about his aspirations and dreams.

He had been stuck in this MD job for

over 2 years and one day it had

finally taken an effect on the man’s

temper until he had arrived at the

breaking point. Since that day, there

was barely any decent conversation

of the two that she had witnessed.

As she parked the scooty that she

had finally managed to buy at a

second hand shop, she saw Nirat

stomp his feet angrily, walking in

her direction. Nervousness crept up

in her causing no words to come out

of her mouth and she stood rooted

in her spot, waiting for the wrath to


“The man has completely lost his

senses. How the hell do you keep up

with him? Let me give you an

advice-Leave the job while you still

can or else you will be the one to

regret it”, and just like that, he was

off with his car leaving her

completely astounded. The very first

time that he had spoken to her and

he had to speak this?It was yet again

a case of the father-son spat but this

time it was different. This time, he

had spoken to her and before she

could even comprehend that

thought, he had flown past her. The

day had been quite confusing for

her by the time she wrapped up her

work in the evening. She still tried

to think over Nirat’s words but

failed to trust them. Keeping

everything aside, she got on her

scooty and readied herself. It was

time for her other job.

She parked her scooty and went

over to the farthest bench visible at

the extreme corner of the park. Her

phone rang and as she saw the

number, her lips automatically

curved up and she received the call,

“Hello, Crisis Hotline’…”

An audible gasp was heard just

behind her and she broke mid

sentence and turned to see Nirat

standing with shock evident in his

handsome features while holding a

phone in his hand. If that confused

her, then the next sentence

definitely helped her understand.

“It is you. You are the girl I speak to

everyday.” It wasn’t a question. Just

a mere fact stated simply, yet it was

heavy with all kinds of

emotions.Harsha was shocked to the

core. Never had she expected in her

wildest dreams that the caller that

she had been spending hours talking

to everyday would turn out to be

him. The Nirat she had experienced

was nothing like the caller.She had

been excited when he had asked her

to meet him. They had connected

over the few calls together. But

now, there was only shock at its

place. She vaguely realized Nirat 

coming over and sitting beside her

and only after a good few minutes

of silence did she find the courage

to turn to him.

Did you know?”, he asked her

simply, his voice concealing any

emotion that might have been

present. He was gifted with a slight

nod and a fidgeting sight of Harsha.

He merely sighed while all he

wanted to do was laugh at the act of


“Why this job when you already

have one, though not a good one?”,

asked Nirat, looking at her in the

eye, for the first time. Harsha

noticed that there was no flaring of

the nostrils or that rough, high

pitched voice that she had always

heard. He was gentle in his talk and

there was no hint of anger in them


“Because hearing about all kinds of

problems from different people

makes me feel better about myself”,

she said, not afraid of any other

kinds of revelations anymore.

Nirat raised an eyebrow as he

looked at her confused.

“My life isn’t perfect you know, just

like yours. I am helpless about it but

the fact that I am able to help solve

or guide through others

problems’gives me a little

satisfaction. It is also a reason to

stay away from my house as long as

possible. Due to my job, I only go

there to sleep. I have a brother, just

like your father. If you are

tolerating all the hell just for the

sake of your grandma then I am doing it

for my brother’s wife. Since the

death of my parents, all the

responsibility is on me and all my

brother does is get drunk and beat

his wife and me. You speak to me

but whom do I speak to about my

problems?” Her voice had turned to

whisper by the time she finished

speaking and he saw tears pool in

her eyes.

“I am Sorry you have to hear me

whine about my own problems

when you had asked me to meet and

speak about yours. It’s just that, I

haven’t done this before- speaking

about myself this way and I couldn’t

stop myself from doing it’, she said,

making a futile attempt to stop those


In return, she felt a strong hand

entangle with her own and she

looked at the hand and him back

and forth with surprise.

“I asked you to meet me here

because I wanted to discuss about us

and not just me. I wanted to know

you since I feel that we have a

special relationship that we are

unaware of. It was true that I was

shocked to find out it was you but

that doesn’t make me look at you

through different eyes. I would

listen to your problems all day

Harsha if that meant I could be at

least be a bit of help to you

compared to all the times that you

have helped me through your

words”, his words felt soothing to

Harsha and she wondered if he was

the same Nirat.

“But you don’t even know me. I am

just a secretary of your Dad’s whom

you hate so much. From what I

know, you hate me too since you

hardly notice my existence”, she said

and turned down her head.

“I know you enough. Just because I

hate my Dad, it doesn’t mean that I

hate you. If that is the case, then I

should be hating myself too since I

work under him just like you do. I

do notice you every time I barge

into his cabin but for all I know you

might be thinking I am some rogue

who just shouts all the time. I don’t

want to scare you any further by

speaking to you. I have noticed how

you fidget with your dupatta when

you’re nervous or the way you look

at me with widened eyes whenever I

walk past you or am standing in

front of you. I know for a fact that

you keep an idol of durga at

your desk and that she is your best

friend in this world. I have heard

you speak to yourself thousands of

times and smiled every time I think

about it.But I didn’t know you were

this strong. Why don’t you complain

to the police about your brother?

You don’t have to go through all

that you know”, he said, trying to

help her out.

“It is easier said than done Nirat.

He is my brother and I can’t

disregard the relationship just

because he does. If it is that easy,

why don’t you leave your house and

start afresh? You hate him after all”,

she questioned his suggestion.Nirat

realized that no matter how much

he pretended to ignore the binds, it

still existed and pulled him from


“I get your point”, he simply said

and both watched as the sun set

giving into the darkness with their

hands entangled providing

assurance to each other. That was

the last time they had ever met,

until today, exactly a year after.



A lot had changed in this one year.

After they had met, Harsha had

never showed up again at work.

When he had enquired, he was told

that she had taken a leave for few

days but then she never showed up.

Instead her resignation letter came

into his hands. Nirat had failed to

understand exactly what had gone

wrong. He had tried to contact her

but she remained unavailable

causing him to think that he was

responsible for her resigning. When

he had all but given up hope, she

had contacted him and said that

things were not going pretty well

with her. It was her who kept

calling whenever she could from

different numbers saying that it was

not safe for him to call. Each time he

spoke to her, he found himself in a

different universe where there were

no worries and just the two of them.

It was safe to say that he wasn’t just

a customer who called crisis hotline

anymore. Their relationship had

blossomed into a whole new level

and a sense of comfort was always

attached to it. Despite his numerous

attempts to enquire, she had not told

him anything about herself.

Whenever the topic came, she tried

to change the subject. He didn’t go

to pester her as he didn’t want to

screw up anything between

them.She hadn’t agreed to meet him

whenever he had asked her the

same. All of a sudden, four months

back, she stopped calling. He tried

his best to track her but he never

got her. He had lost all the hope to

meet her until he remembered that

soon it was going to be one year

since he met her. The place held a

special meaning in his life and he

hoped that it was the same for her

as well.



So he had come today, hoping that

she would come as well and he was

not disappointed. He removed her

hands out of his and pulled her to

the front and made her sit beside

him. They stared at each other for a

long time before he spoke out.

“You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Neither have you..”, she said giving

him her warm smile.

“Grandma​ passed away Harsha..”, he
hugged her tight as he said her that.

She was surprised at his gesture but

knew that he needed it right now.

He had always turned her for help

at times like these although this

time, she doubted that she had any

strength to console him. Her own

life had led her down and she didn’t

have any hope to live. She hugged

him back taking comfort than giving

him her own. She needed this

too.Nirat sensed her silent sobs

and withdrew from the hug and

gazed intently at her.

“Are you alright Harsha? You never
met me or called me in months..”, he

slightly accused.

“I have been busy..”, she mumbled,

not meeting his eyes.

“Something has happened, isn’t it?

Tell me..”, he urged. She refused his

speculation saying that everything

was alright. She wouldn’t open up,

for unknown reasons but he didn’t

want to waste his time with her

trying to get her speak to him.

“Harsha, do you remember you had

asked me why I wouldn’t leave my

house if I hated my father so much

and I had said that it was because of

Grandma. I realized I was wrong. All this

time the only reason I had stayed in

that house was because I had not

found a reason compelling me

enough to get out. But after that talk

we had, I realized you are my

inspiration and that now, I have

found a reason to leave my house. I

want to start afresh Harsha. I want
to relive my life with you. I love

you, Harsha”. He was anticipating

her reaction and she didn’t

disappoint him. Her eyes widened

and she gasped loudly in surprise.

She looked at him questioningly

while he just smiled at her lovingly.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t expecting

something like this Harsha. There

had always been a special bond

between us that had held us all

along and had woven us into a

beautiful relationship. It is time that

we acknowledge this relationship

and give a name to it.”

“This can’t happen Nirat. I am not

right for you”, she cried out. He

stared at her, clearly demanding

explanation. In return, she turned

her back to him and pulled her hair

to the front showing him her

exposed back. To say that he was

shocked was an understatement. She

spoke before he could ask, “It was

four months ago Nirat. I returned

home to find my brother drunk, as

usual and trying to beat his wife.

But that day, the situation had gone

out of hand and he tried to kill her

with the bottle of acid when I came

in the middle. He never regretted it

but it left a huge impact on her and

she hanged herself the same night

while my brother was in escape.

The only person that I had close to

family had left me that day Nirat

and had left me hollow. I am not the

same Harsha who used to encourage

others out of their problems. I don’t

know who I am anymore. I am a

living mess with no hope in life. I

am anything but right for you”, she

said, tears streaking down her pale


Nirat pulled her onto to him and

held her tightly while she cried her

heart out until tears seemed to

betray her. He wanted to comfort

her in any way possible and words

weren’t what she wanted right now.

She hugged him tighter, finding, for

the first time in months, a soul with

which she could share her pain


“Harsha, i know that life isn’t a bed

of roses but it ain’t just filled with

just thorns either. When I told that I

loved you , I meant that I am willing

to accept you as mine with all your

flaws as well as the perfections in

you. My love for you isn’t that

fragile that any physical factor

might change it. Neither will it

change after hearing you out

because emotionally, I am as broke

as you. We have had our share of

pain in the past and we have helped

each other come out of it morally.

The present is in our hands and

what we decide now, will shape our

future. How about we dwell into the

future together and stick with each

other just like we had in the past?

So, answer me Harsha, do you love
me?”, he asked her, determined to

set things straight.

She looked at him, hurt filled in

those eyes, “How can you even ask

that? Do you doubt my feelings for

you? Of course I do love you”

“Do you trust me enough to break

all the ties, leave everything behind

and come with me Harsha? I may

not able to provide you with a

luxurious life but I do promise to

keep you happy and love you

forever. Tell me, are you ready to

spend the rest of your life with me?”

Nirat waited with baited breath,

waiting to hear her one answer that

could change their lives forever.

****************2 years


Nirat sat at the same park bench,

staring at the sun. No matter how

many times the sun set, it always

rose again ,removing the darkness,

indicating that bad things didn’t last

forever. It had been like that for him

since the day Harsha had said yes.

He had found his happiness

together with her and their love had

made the difficulties seem just like a

passing cloud. They were the

mending souls, completing and

healing each other. He turned to his

right and gazed lovingly at his wife

who seemed to be enjoying the

weather, closing her eyes.

“Thanks for coming into my life

Harsha”, he said, staring at her. She

gazed back at him with equal love

for him in her eyes and pulled his

hand out of hers and kept it on her

growing belly and whispered,

“Thanks for loving me Nirat and

creating this beautiful soul within

me.” He dropped a kiss on her lips

and hugged her onto him by his

shoulders as they stared ahead at

the setting sun, dreaming about

their future together with their

unborn symbol of love.

Life couldn’t be more perfect.



Not many have seen me

Because I vanish in the blink of an eye.
I wander in the woods

It’s my home

I walk barefoot

Because I like the feel of the soft grass tingling my feet

Trees are my family

Birds are my friends

Thier silent serenade  

Is never gonna end
I run and race

With all my grace

The world is dark

There is just no spark

So I run in the woods

I see the the fire killing

And the snow chilling 

Where I run and see the stars

Twinkle in the bright night sky

I hide not for fear but for staying here

Because I’m the fairy of the woods.

After Her

Chris: Umm Sara hey please just listen to me for now don’t ask anything.

Sara: Chris what happened. Take a breath first, then tell me okay.

Chris: Sara, I’m so sorry but baby I’m falling out of love with you. I can’t hide it anymore. Sorry. But let’s break up.

Sara: Chris are you sure?

Chris: Yes dear. I’m in love with someone. I know no sorry can fill up your hurt. But i can’t do it anymore.

Sara: It’s okay Chris. I understand no problem. I don’t wanna shackle you.

Chris: You won’t say anything more. Nothing. No go to hell you ass???😑

Sara: Lol very funny no. I won’t do any of that childish thing. I have a big heart. Who knows i may get to date a 90 yr old billionaire 😎

Chris: That funny bone of your can never break right?

Sara: Nope! Nada! Never

Sara: Chris let’s break up on good terms. Promise me lets be friends for atleast for next 20 years.

Chris: Thanks for everything and I’m sorry again.

 A year later

Chris: Ivory baby meet me today at The Clintons for our 1 year anniversary. There’s a surprise for you.

Ivory: Chris even there is a surprise for you too. I’m damn sure it will blow your mind.

Chris: Okay let’s see whose surprise is the best.

Chris: Ivory wait this Jane girl is been calling me like for the 100th time today. Let me take her call or she will blast my phone literally.

Ivory: Jane? Sara’s friend?

Chris: Yeah her. That chatterbox.

Ivory: Okay you take the call. Meet you in 5 mins. I’m in the parking lot. Clear up your time for my surprise.

Chris: Okay darling

Jane: Chris ??Jane here.

Chris: Yeah say

Jane: Why weren’t you answering my messages earlier?

Chris: Am i bound to do that.

Jane: Chris you r a moron. Shit head.

Chris: Wow girl!! I just didn’t reply you back for that all this colourful language?? Like seriously

Jane:I’m sorry but it’s important you know. Sara breathed her last today after fighting cancer for a year

Jane:I just wanted you to know this. Bye. If possible come to attend her funeral.

Chris: What?? Jane? You r joking right? Don’t play this dirty joke on me.

 Jane: No I’m not. Sorry Chris but it’s  true.Bye.

Ivory: Chris?

Chris: Ivory? You? What?

Ivory: Omg. I didn’t reveal my surprise yet and you are shocked already? Ok listen up darling time for surprise.

Ivory: Baby I visited the doctor today. They confirmed I’m 3 months pregnant. I think we are going to have a girl.

I Give In!

​This time

I will accept everything

in my sworn statement

all crimes

attributed to me

but never committed

I will accept your greetings

all melancholic moments

of my joy

I will recall in a soundless cry

my dream bound quests

which lasts their way

searching for your images

in shattered shapes.